Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Move into a home built with you in mind.



Update your home to reflect your changing needs.



Expand rooms in your home so you have more space.



Set up the bare bones of your custom home.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Share your ideas with a home builder in Ashaway, RI

Your custom home is within your reach. Eric Posillo Builders can make the home you imagined a reality. By connecting with a home builder, you can arrange for any additions or specializations to be made to your existing home or new construction project.

While we specialize in framing, we're also available to work on remodeling projects. Putting posts and beams together the right way provides you with a lasting structure you can rely on for as long as you live in your house.

We don't do much commercial construction but when wood is involved we are the team to call. We having been working with 1 commercial contractor for over 12 years and you can see various projects around New England we have completed. The first ever was a new LBGTQ center at URI then the deer check in station on route 165 Exeter, a post and beam addition to the Quest Montessori school Narragansett, and even a giant post and beam media and meeting center at Fort Devans on Hospital road in Massachusetts. Many more to name but most likely you've seen our commercial wood skills in your daily commute.

Call 401-207-5383 now to speak with a home builder in Ashaway, RI.

Set up for home remodeling that benefits everyone

Home remodeling lets you live somewhere new and exciting without you ever having to move. We'll change up your kitchen or finish your basement so you can get the most use out of your house.

Think of us when you need:

Custom-built cabinets and trim work

Wooden slabs from our sawmill

Homes built according to schedule

We collaborate with local architects who know New England well. We always keep in open communication with you, and you can expect plenty of pictures and updates throughout the building process.

Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you with home remodeling in Ashaway, RI.

Why should you choose Eric Posillo Builders for your project?

For about 17 years, we have built and remodeled homes throughout Ashaway, RI. Families thrive in all of our houses. Whether you want a cozy cottage or something more spacious, you can count on us to finish the job right.

Working on a tight budget? No problem. We'll match your budget and offer you a reasonable deal.

Communication is a very important aspect of building and remodeling. We make sure the schedule is always available and updated as things change in you're project. I'm available by text and email 24 hrs a day and phone from 6 am till 9 pm 7 days a week. As your job progresses with today's technology we will often send photo updates, and we sometimes work for clients who live out of state or even the country this is a great way too stay up to date with your project.

Call now to start planning your remodel with a home builder in Ashaway, RI.

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