Design Your Custom Home in Southern Rhode Island

Frame and construct your custom home with our carpenter

The structure of your home needs to be built soundly and according to safety codes so you can make the most out of your time there. By hiring a carpenter from Eric Posillo Builders, you make sure that you're getting quality skill and construction work. With the right resources and equipment, we can craft a home for you that will keep your family comfortable for years to come.

We'll handle everything from framing to custom woodwork in your home. You can even count on us to craft cabinets that are built for your kitchen or living room. You'll be able to choose the features you want when you build your home to your exact specifications.

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A custom home builder listens to your preferences and choices

You have certain requirements for your home, and you shouldn't settle for less. Our custom home builder will keep all your needs in mind when constructing your home. We take everything you ask for into consideration and create a house that you can be excited about.

We are always looking to try new things, building changes everyday. Being able to plan all your trim work out in the framing stage is key to any custom home. In our custom builds you'll see different trim styles and ideas in new innovative creations and designs. Let us help you design and build new creative projects unique too your project and like no other.

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