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Complete home construction with our framing contractor

Craft your home the way you want it. Eric Posillo Builders puts up the framework for your house according to your specifications. By working directly with a framing contractor, you can make your house look exactly the way you imagined it.

Building a custom home doesn't mean you have to do all the work. We'll set up all the framing and make sure that it's safe and solid.

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Every good house needs a strong frame to make sure it's sturdy and sound. If there's an issue with your framing, it affects the entirety of your home. That's why we never take shortcuts when it comes to framing construction. We'll lay out your home framing the right way by:

  • Spacing joists and studs consistently
  • Using high-quality lumber
  • Building everything according to code

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Framers are a dying breed, its sad but true. we keep all our framing in house unlike most custom builders. We specialize in anything with wood but we love to frame. It's hard work but we enjoy it, framing is when you see you're project take shape. We are traditional framers and we stand by Douglas fir and standard CDX sheathing. We try to avoid SPF framing which is a mixture of pine spruce and fir, its a cheaper less structural way to frame. Did you know most engineered plans call for fir and few lumber yards carry it? We know were to get it and you'll see the difference with less crowning, twists, and cupping. That's why most stairs are framed in fir. Conventional framing is our game with also prefer to stick frame roofs. Trusses are convenient in some applications but whenever possible rafters are a must! We can give you a fully accessible attic space just like all the homes before trusses. We are such quality framers that several general contractors hire us to frame there larger or more difficult builds.