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Custom Home Building

We are always looking to try new things. Building changes every day and we prefer to stay old school with the framing, but stacking moldings and milling our very own trim profiles is something we look forward to. Being able to plan all your time work out in a framing stage is key to any custom home. In our custom builds you will see different trim styles and ideas from Greek Revival to Modern, or original New England style Colonial. Let us help you design and build new creative projects unique to your project, and like no other.


Remodeling is a whole different ball game. We have the ability to adapt to remodeled houses that were built incorrectly or out of square, meaning they are not level, and angles aren't true. Remodeling can be challenging and messy, and we are fully equipped to handle anything your project throws our way.


Framers are a dying breed. It's sad, but true. We keep all of our framing in house unlike most custom builders. We specialize in anything with wood, but we love to frame. It's hard work, but we enjoy it. Framing is when you see your project take shape. We are traditional framers and we stand by douglas fir, and standard CDX sheathing. We try to avoid SPF framing which is a mixture of pine, spruce, and fir. It's a cheaper, less structural way to frame. Did you know that most engineered plans call for fir, and a few lumber yards carry it? Well, we know where to get it, and you will see the difference regarding less crowning, twists, and cupping. This is why most stairs are framed in fir. Conventional framing is our game. We also prefer to stick frame roofs. Trusses are convenient in some applications, but whenever possible rafters are as must!!! We can give you a fully accessible attic space just like all the homes before trusses. Because we are such quality framers, several general contractors hire us to frame their larger or more difficult builds.


With the cost of moving into a larger home, it is always more cost effective to just add on to your existing home, that already has equity in it. Our craftsmanship allows for your new addition to appear as though it has always been there. Obtaining plans and permits can be a bit overwhelming, that is why our team of experts, go through the entire process with you, from start to finish. Allowing you to just enjoy your new addition.


Nothing quite says comfort, like a new porch or deck. We excel at providing you the curb appeal you so desire. Fully enjoy the outdoors, while entertaining friends and family, all the while, your neighbors envy how stunning your home looks. We offer exquisite wrap around porches as well as one sided. Our decks can withstand extreme weather and remain beautiful year after year. Get ready to be impressed.

Commercial Construction

We don't do much commercial construction, but when wood is involved we are the team to call. We have been working with one commercial contractor for over 12 years. You can see various projects around New England that we have taken care of. The first ever new LBGTQ center at URI, the deer check in station on route 165 Exeter, a post and beam addition to the Quest Montessori school Narragansett, and even a giant post and beam media and meeting center at Fort Devans on Hospital Road in Massachusetts. We have many more to name, but most likely you've seen our commercial wood skills in your daily commute.


We appreciate your interest, and value your time. Please take a moment to fill out the request form, or give us a call.

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